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Artiphon Instrument 1


        Multi-channel MIDI MPE compatible

        Compatible with iOS, Mac, and Windows

        1/8” jack for headphones & microphones

        One cable setup, no special drivers needed

        Tilt: The INSTRUMENT 1’s answer to Mod Wheel (CC#1), 

            is the most intuitive way to adjust filters and other effects. 

            Simply tilt the instrument up and down.

        Capo: The INSTRUMENT 1 has a build-in capo. 

            Easily transpose up (or down!) 12 half steps, or set the 

            capo to transpose the instrument in full octaves.

        Built-in Arpeggiator: Create new patterns and 

            get fresh ideas with the hardware arpeggiator. 

            Tempo and sub-divisions, easy to customize.

        String Bend: Inward pressure allows you to bend the 

            pitch of a note, unlocking anew way to utilize your synth sounds.

        Hammer-on Sensitive:Pull-off and hammer-on as you would on a traditional guitar.

        Pressure-sensitive: Modulate effects even after you've triggered your note with continuous aftertouch.

        Lefty and Righty: Allow the instrument to figure out which ways it’s being held, or lock it into either lefty or right mode.

        Battery: The INSTRUMENT 1’s built-in battery lasts all day, even when playing at 11.

        Stereo Speakers: The two stereo speakers allow for jamming with friends, while the built-in headphone jack allows for private performance, whether in the bedroom or on the subway.

        Fretted or fretless: Easy choose between both playing modes.

        Four factory playing presets (Guitar, Violin, Piano, Drums).

        Four customizable playing presets.

        12 fret (full octave) fingerboard offers a total of 78 note locations, more than any other MIDI-controller its size.

        Software: Artiphon App for iOS includes sounds, Artiphon INSTRUMENT 1 Editor forMac & Windows allows for endless customization

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