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Have a little look through some of the photography from over the years in the album below. 

They are mostly all from the local area of Lincolnshire in the United Kingdom much of which is classed as an area of outstanding national beauty. In fact many cities in the USA have names taken from here such as Boston, Lincolnshire and Boston, Massachusetts. 

Boston in Lincolnshire being the home of the founding fathers!

Abbey ruins image

Abbey Ruins

Fosdyke yacht have image

Fosdyke Marina and Yacht Haven, Lincolnshire

Maud Foster Mill Boston Lincolnshire

Maud Foster Mill, Boston, Lincolnshire

Sibsey village image

Small Lincolnshire Village

Tagged goiat image

Tagged Goat in Lincolnshire

Countryside image

What a pleasant view!

Traction engine image

Traction Engine in Lincolnshire, United Kingdom

Large tractors for sale image

Tractors, awaiting new owners!

Fpunding fathers of Boston image

Home Of The Pilgrim Fathers, Boston, Lincolnshire, United Kingdom

Showreel of photographic images from Boston Studios

Boston Customs House River Quayside

And just so you know (or you may have realised by now)- I’m a local person based in Sibsey near Boston in Lincolnshire. Quite a beautiful area and close to the Lincolnshire Wolds - ( AONB, area of outstanding national beauty)

Nikon D750 double image

Why do we use this camera?

The Nikon D750 FX-format D-SLR has been designed to liberate photographers from previous limitations while giving them more freedom of photographic expression thanks to a variety of factors. 

For example, because of the high ISO performance and the autofocus capability in low-light situations, hand-held shooting is made possible even in the dark. 

The compact, lightweight and slim body with a deep grip widens the field of usage. And the tilting LCD monitor further expands the freedom of shooting angles.

You can see the results below

Boston Studios | iMac picture used to show other pictures
Traction engine image
Traction engine image
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