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Delphi representation of an oscilloscope

What can we offer you!

A small startup but we can offer a wide range of services across many technologies. Our capabilities allow us to offer a complete solution, but are equally happy to join at any stage of your development cycle. Such activities may include initial outline meetings, prototype design, PCB artwork design, mechanical design, styling/enclosure design, compliance testing and small/medium production batches.

We specialise in:

    •    Digital electronics.

    •    Analogue electronics.

    •    Embedded design (firmware/software).

    •    Musical waveform processing.

    •    Digital Signal Processing.

    •    Short range radio communications and control - also licenced Radio Amateur G8UNP.

    •    MIDI signalling

    •    We use: HTML, PHP, Python, XCode, Delphi Studio, Embedded ‘C’ and Android Studio amongst other IDE’s and languages as seen above.

IOS, Linux and PC Programming

Using applications such as Embarcadero’s Delphi Studio, we can create any application that you may need on a PC, Apple Mac or Linux in the highest quality. These applications may be stand alone or browser based making them fully cross platform compatible plus we use industry standard mySQL database's. We can create almost any specialised application that you may need for your company.

The image on the left is an example of an oscilloscope front end developed in Embarcadero’s Delphi Suite.

Music and Specialist Audio Engineering

It doesn’t stop there!

Breadboarding by prototyping often gives early results to prove viability of concept that, in itself could save many hours of fruitless work!

We specialise in music / audio processing, waveform manipulation and associated methods of music production!

We also use Picotech Oscilloscope technology to enable our prototyping efforts for the fastest time to final evaluation.

Picotech oscilloscope waveform

Embedded Programming

Embedded programming in ‘C’ language or Python using mikroelektronika, Arduino Pro, Visual Studio and other development systems. Specialising in Microchip PIC and dsPIC devices, Arduino and Teensy plus ESP32 utilising many years of experience in the industry. This technology allows us to control hardware by using a mobile device and also to retrieve data for further analysis.

The image below shows a project in the ‘breadboard’ stage for proving functionality!

Breadboard in progress

Android Apps

If you have your own eBook we can convert it to be an Android App or completely write an application for you to your specifications. Games or scientific apps are our speciality for Smart Phones or Tablets. HTML5 support, push notifications and social sharing are all included! Distribute them through to a massive audience!

Android app

Public Address Engineering

A specialist art in itself!

APAE certificate

Test Card Utility

The graphic shown opposite is a test card utility for use with video monitors and televisions for accurate configuration and setting up.

Below is a short video of testcard content drawn mostly from the UK and Europe

Test card display utility



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