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Virtual Studio Simulator enables you to include green screen & studio backgrounds to your videos making a great impression on your visitors.

Imagine having the ability to place yourself all over the world in your videos by selecting from still images & animated backgrounds included with this product.

Other internet marketers have spent 1000s of £’s per video to include the green screen effect in their videos.

Virtual Studio Simulator provides you with that effect far more…

✓ Green screen & studio background images

✓ Animated backgrounds

✓ Background music for your video clips

✓ Powerpoint presentation frames that may be customized & branded

Video training is also included with Virtual Studio Simulator so you’ll have not a problem getting the most out of this hot new product.

All of these resources are suitable for Camtasia Studio, Video Motion Pro, Sony Vegas, Adobe After Effects, and Powerpoint.


And to consolidate that information just watch these videos!

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If you would like to purchase these backgrounds please use the link below!

There are music tracks, office backgrounds and much more that will be well worth the small payment.

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Virtual Studio Simulator - link to purchase

Virtual Studio Simulator – link to purchase