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Boston Studios - Remote Production, Music Creation, Mixing, Mastering and Commercial Ready Release Material

So, how does this all work?

We use Apple Macs with Garageband and Logic Pro X to provide remote production of your tracks to masters for release!

This is what we do!

  • We import and use your recorded tracks from any format WAV, AIFF etc
  • We create MIDI tracks as required and set the instrument you specify
  • We mix the tracks and correct them as we go with EQ, compression and more
  • We produce a master as broadcast/commercial/radio/release ready audio

And what we don’t do!

  • We don’t record your work for you but we can advise you on any issues
  • We don’t have a rehearsal room that you can use unfortunately
  • We DO NOT use unauthorised copyright material of any kind whatsoever
  • We don’t charge a fortune for engineering time, just a realistic hourly rate

Music and Audio Track Creation - MIDI tracks are our speciality!

We can create (using MIDI technology) tracks for your recording which may be for any purpose - once completed the full copyright is passed to you. These tracks can be manipulated into almost any sound that is required from Cathedral Organ to Bagpipes - and a whole lot more in between.

Adding Your Own Audio Tracks

We can also use your recorded audio tracks that you supply to us editing them as required. They can be suppled as audio tracks in various formats but AIFF or WAV is preferred (larger file size) as they are lossless. MP3’s can be used but have less quality - also smaller file size. We can also use Flash Drives and other transfer mediums like ‘Dropbox’ to collect your data. Please remember that although we can some times work miracles, in general rubbish in will often equal rubbish out!

Adding these tracks involves doing things such as setting the volume of the individual tracks (making sure they’re not peaking above -8db), editing out small mistakes or timing issues, adding compression if needed, adjusting EQ if needed, add reverb and echo if required, move tracks within the stereo spectrum using panning and then finalising the whole mix ready for mastering.

We will then mix all the tracks to be used together

Mixing is when you balance the different tracks and blend them into a cohesive whole using EQ, compression as needed on each track to achieve the desired result of a clean punchy mix that can proceed to the next stage. OK so that’s a simplification but trade secrets are not to be given away!

We then master all the tracks to be used for production

We finally will produce a master recording suitable for use in such as radio ready broadcasting or commercial production release

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